Who We Are

everyone should have a friend with a boat...

We want to be your friend.

captain gary

Captain Gary is a life-long boater who’s sailed and motored in Michigan and the Great Lakes for many years. He captained Shared Adventure back from the British Virgin Islands two years ago.

Since then, he’s taken our guests to fun places in South Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas. Captain Gary looks forward to teaching you everything you might want to know about captaining a small yacht like Shared Adventure.  

As a general aviation pilot with a small four seat airplane, Gary learned how to plan trips, check equipment, and follow weather patterns in order to stay safe even under difficult circumstances. There were, however, a few times he had to do some rapid and accurate problem-solving. Ask him about those times and, of course, his stories end with “… and no one died.”

Gary has traveled on all continents except Africa (he doesn’t consider Antarctica a continent – too cold) and enjoys making new friends and getting to know other lifestyles and cultures.

Weeks after buying Shared Adventure, Gary was cleaning out boxes of memories at his home in Michigan. To his surprise, tucked deep in a box of treasures, was a yellowed piece of paper with a list of adventures he wanted to do in his lifetime. Gary wrote this bucket list at age 13. He never remembered writing it, yet he accomplished 21 of the 29 adventures. The first adventure on that list was to “live on a boat.”

You can learn more about Gary at www.linkedin.com/in/garyebaker

teamwork makes the dream work

we are not your typical tropical charter.

We invite you to work with us to:

  • Plan your adventure
  • Drive the yacht
  • Read the charts and learn the navigational aids
  • Navigate and communicate
  • Check the weather
  • Apply sunscreen and hold the bean bag chairs down
  • Drop the anchor and learn which button to push to winch it in
  • Use snorkeling equipment and floaty toys
  • Dock the boat and handle dock lines
  • Take photos and videos
  • Launch and drive the dinghy
  • Plan and cook meals
  • Drink libations and tell stories
What wish are you making when you see a rainbow?